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Our expertise includes , as well, on housing lots as offices , warehouses and other commercial premises .

Building up

LGI Property Management advises you in your property investments so as to ensure you regular revenue, and to optimise this.

Our specialists assist you in building your future in the short and long term based on an objective selection of properties, guaranteeing the diversification of your property investments in order to reduce the risk.

administrating: rental management

LGI Property Management Sets you frefrom all of the constraints associated with the rental management of your asset:

  • determining the rental amount based on expected returns and the rental market
  • selecting reliable and solvable tenants
    limiting rent holidays
  • signing and registering leases
  • assistance with inventories of fixtures on entry and leaving
  • representing and defending your interests toward administrative authorities and co-ownerships bodies.


administrating: financial management

LGI Property Management guarantee :

  • rent payment monitoring
  • indexing calculation
  • checking invoices
  • breaking down and recuperating charges from the tenants. Charges are divided depending on legal provisions and specificities or each lease.

With throughout bookkeeping and management reports, we help you keep control your investments under control.


LGI Property Management ensures the conservation and the growth of your property asset:

  • techncal inventory
  • helps devise realistic multiannual investment plans
  • manages and monitors maintenance and renovation works
  • controls operational costs
  • traceability of incidents

By selecting reputable suppliers and the rigour and transparency of the calls for tender, we guarantee you the best balance of resources in relation to the revenues defined.


Home artificial on the reported profits paper.


LGI Property Management anticipates the lifecycle of your assets and guides you by placing its experience and expertise at your disposal.

By studying every parameter for best evaluating your property asset, we help you achieve your objectives in the long term by optimising the fiscal impact.

About us

Because every client counts to us

Constituer et Administrer

A human scale for a hands-on management

Founded by several property and finance professionals, LGI Property Management positions itself as a major player within the property assets management sector.

Having gained over 50 years’ experience, LGI Property Management boasts a potential and knowhow allowing it to respond to any property assets management issues. Managing an asset is no longer just about selecting profitable investments in which to place your savings. The objectives are broader since, for instance, it also involves diversifying investments, preparing or completing current or your future revenues, or even providing the transmission of capital to your heirs. LGI Property Management guides you in managing your property assets, providing you customised solutions.

A team of professionals

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Our precision and our regard for transparency

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Obligations for landlords

As landlords, you have certain rights and certain duties. Knowing them is already observing them, since a great deal of violations are committed in good faith and by not knowing the rules

Renovation: premiums and aids

You are offered various financial aids in the Brussels region, which often go unknown. These allow you to renovate and maintain your asset, while saving both money and energy.


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